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Closing bell: Saudi main index slips to close at 11,215

The Tadawul All Share Index in Saudi Arabia declined by 82.60 points, or 0.73 percent, to close at 11,215.56 on Thursday.  

The total trading turnover for the benchmark index amounted to SR6.42 billion ($1.71 billion). Among the listed stocks, 70 advanced while 146 retreated. 

The parallel market, Nomu, also slipped by 130.03 points, or 0.56 percent, closing at 23,198.25. In Nomu, 27 listed stocks advanced while 26 retreated. 

Meanwhile, the MSCI Tadawul Index dropped by 10.72 points, or 0.73 percent, ending the day at 1,448.34. 

Etihad Atheeb Telecommunication Co. was the top-performing stock of the day, with its share price surging by 9.43 percent to SR146.20.  

Other notable top performers included Arabian Pipes Co. and Naseej International Trading Co., whose share prices increased by 6.30 percent and 5.29 percent, respectively.  

In addition to this, other top gainers included Arabian Contracting Services Co. and Salama Cooperative Insurance Co. 

The worst-performing stock was Sumou Real Estate Co., which debuted on Tadawul and saw its share price decline by 7.02 percent to SR53.00.  

Other underperformers included Al-Baha Investment and Development Co. and Fawaz Abdulaziz Alhokair Co., whose share prices dropped by 6.25 percent and 4.80 percent to stand at SR0.15 and SR18.66, respectively. 

Additionally, Theeb Rent a Car Co. and Saudi Tadawul Group Holding Co. were among the companies that experienced declines in their stock prices. 

In Nomu, Paper Home Co. was the top gainer, with its share price rising by 25.30 percent to SR206.  

Other top performers in Nomu included Enma AlRawabi Co. and Ladun Investment Co., whose share prices soared by 5.05 percent and 4.82 percent to stand at SR19.96 and SR3.26, respectively. 

Other top gainers also included Gas Arabian Services Co. and Mayar Holding Co. 

National Environmental Recycling Co. was the major loser on Nomu, with its share price falling by 6.59 percent to SR8.22.  

Furthermore, Alhasoob Co. and Saudi Azm for Communication and Information Technology Co. witnessed decreases of 5.00 percent and 4.83 percent, with their share prices settling at SR91.20 and SR11.42, respectively. 

Other major losers included Future Care Trading Co. and Naba Alsaha Medical Services Co. 


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