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Dubai Electricity supports the creativity of committed people

DEWA’s platform as a strategic partner attracted visitors at the recently concluded “International Expo for Empowered People”.

His Excellency Zayed Mohammed Al Tayer said: “At Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, we contribute to achieving the vision of intelligent leadership to empower resilient people, integrate them into society, and create an empowered, barrier-free and inclusive society. A decent life for people with disabilities and their families, and the “My Community… A Place for All” initiative aims to transform Dubai into an absolutely friendly city for people with disabilities.

Leading services

Staff of the Strong People Commission affirmed the keenness of the senior management of the Commission to provide all the necessary skills for creativity and innovation in an inclusive and flexible work environment that takes into account all the needs of the strong people and helps them unleash their potential.

Many DEWA employees with disabilities shared their creativity and innovation through the DEWA platform at the “International Expo for Disabled People” exhibition.

Marwan Mohammed Hassan Al Haj, Director – Operational Technical Security Analysis and Follow-up in Energy Transmission Sector: He has been working at Dubai Electricity and Water Authority since 2007. Capabilities for Master’s Degree in Innovation and Change Management at Hamdan Bin Mohammed University. May God protect His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum by choosing him as the ambassador for Expo 2020 Dubai.

Iman Abdullah Al Muhairi, Senior Executive – Digital Content Management in the Innovation and Future Sector: Authority to provide helpful technologies and solutions to overcome various challenges faced by Iman during her work and provide a trained colleague to support her in her “my friend” initiative.

He is also recommended to participate in many internal and external conferences and corporate events. The commission recently published a book for Iman called “You Don’t See”, which includes selections of his articles published in “Al-Bayan” newspaper, and some essays detailing his successful life experience.

Ahmad Al-Raisi, Senior Technician – Monitoring Station Conditions in the Power Distribution Sector: A graduate of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority Academy, Ahmed reflects a success story that the authority is proud of in the employment sector, having worked for the authority. Psychological support and all facilities should be provided to him after disability.

Through its platform at the fair, the authority showcases inclusive and qualified services for people with various disabilities, its efforts in inclusive employment, the creativity of committed staff and easy access to their services, buildings, and facilities.


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