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UAE: New project to be developed on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi to offset 450 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year

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  • The new solar project will feature the installation of 920 solar modules at Yas Bay waterfront

Miral, Abu Dhabi’s leading creator of immersive destinations and experiences, has signed an agreement with Emerge, a joint venture between the UAE’s Masdar and France’s EDF, to develop a 524-kilowatt peak (kWp) solar photovoltaic (PV) project on Yas Bay Waterfront, Abu Dhabi’s vibrant day-to-night dining, entertainment and leisure destination located on Yas Island.  

The project is designed to offset 450 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. The new solar project will feature the installation of 920 solar modules at Yas Bay waterfront, providing sustainable energy support, with Emerge delivering a comprehensive turnkey solution, including finance, design, procurement, construction, operations, and maintenance of the solar modules for a duration of 30 years.

Jonathan Brown, Chief Portfolio Officer, Miral, said: “We are delighted to join forces with Emerge once again to implement this innovative solar project at Yas Bay, as part of our commitment to the UAE’s strategic initiative to achieve Net Zero by 2050. This project will set a benchmark in supplying clean energy to power Yas Bay and further position Yas Island as a top global destination. Guided by an unwavering commitment to sustainability, this partnership represents our dedication to prioritizing sustainable practices and incorporating renewable energy elements across our destinations.”

Michel Abi Saab, General Manager, Emerge, said: “We are pleased to once again partner with Miral to deliver this exciting solar project at Yas Bay and to further support their efforts towards a more sustainable future. We are confident the 524 KWp project will help to deliver high-quality and reliable clean energy to this premier entertainment destination, which attracts millions of visitors from home and abroad. With the UAE preparing to host COP28, this project demonstrates the sustainable impact that can be achieved across many other entertainment sites as we work towards the country’s Net Zero goal.”

This marks the third collaboration between Miral and Emerge; in March 2023, Miral Group inaugurated Abu Dhabi’s largest solar rooftop project at Warner Bros. World™ Abu Dhabi. This remarkable green energy project incorporated approximately 16,000 solar modules across the theme park’s roof area of 36,000 square meters, producing nearly 40 percent of its annual energy demand and holding an impressive 7-megawatt peak (MWp) capacity.

Earlier in 2022, Miral and Emerge signed an agreement to deploy on-site solar energy systems at the SeaWorld Abu Dhabi theme park with a capacity of 8.4 megawatts (MW).Emerge, a joint venture between Masdar and EDF, was formed in 2021 to develop distributed solar, energy efficiency, street lighting, battery storage, off-grid solar, and hybrid solutions for commercial and industrial clients. As an energy services company, Emerge offers clients full turn-key supply and demand-side energy management solutions through solar power agreements and energy performance contracting at no up-front cost to the client.


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