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Saudi’s massive mineral survey project is 40% complete

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  • Results to be published in database

Oil giant Saudi Arabia has completed surveying of more than 40 percent of the Kingdom’s area as part of an extensive geological survey for minerals, a senior Saudi official was reported on Wednesday as saying.

Khalid Al-Mudaifer, Deputy Industry and Mineral Resources Minister, said results would be published in a national mineral database by the Ministry.

Mudaifer told the Saudi daily Okaz ahead of the January 10-12 Future Minerals Forum in the capital Riyadh that the Ministry’s Geological Surveying Authority is conducting the survey in various parts of the oil-rich country.

In May 2023, Zawya Projects reported that Saudi Geological Survey, in partnership with the Chinese Geological Survey, launched a $207 million geological mapping project for the Arabian Shield area.

(Writing by Nadim Kawach; Editing by Anoop Menon)


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