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Future Minerals Forum advances global discussion on clean energy transition

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  • New Partnerships to Shape Conversations on Sustainable Development in Global Metals and Minerals at Future Minerals Forum 2024

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Future Minerals Forum (FMF), scheduled to take place 9-11 January in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, today announced three new strategic partnerships to inform the global discourse on minerals and their critical role in sustainable global development and the need to transition to new energy sources. The new partnerships with CRU Group, Global AI and Wood Mackenzie will deliver business intelligence and insights in a series of studies to be published ahead of FMF. They complement existing partnerships with McKinsey & Company, Payne Institute for Public Policy, Clareo-DPI and Baker Institute.

Wood Mackenzie is embarking on a pivotal study to define the super region’s potential. The white paper will identify key drivers for the creation of sustainable value chains as well as highlight the current challenges facing the global minerals and how they affect the minerals industry across this resource-rich area. This report will serve as a crucial guide for stakeholders by establishing the foundations for what can be achieved from governmental and market collaboration as the region looks to unlock its resource potential to better enable the energy transition.

Global AI is set to conduct a comprehensive global sentiment analysis using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, focusing on mining and mineral operations across the Super Region. This analysis aims to shed light on societal perceptions to inform dialogue on the roles governments, the private sector, and civil society must play in securing social license to operate, ensuring mining operations deliver tangible benefit local communities and minimize impact on the environment.

Meanwhile, CRU’s report will highlight the urgency of addressing critical mineral bottlenecks to meet climate goals, with a focus on the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia as key future suppliers.

Together, these insights all align with FMF’s mission to enable the development of sustainable mineral industries, place the Super Region at the forefront of the global minerals conversation, and shape responsible mining practices. FMF, as a government-led, multi-stakeholder platform, aims to catalyze dialogue among industry leaders, policymakers, and stakeholders to drive progress toward a more sustainable and prosperous future in mineral development.

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