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ADNOC Drilling’s hybrid-powered rigs begin operations

RIYADH: The UAE’s ADNOC Drilling began its 2024 operations with two hybrid-powered land rigs in Abu Dhabi, according to an official statement.

The rigs use a high-capacity battery and engine automation. The hybrid power technology system stores energy in its batteries to use when there is a need for continuous power or to provide instant extra power when there is an increase in demand, reducing a rig’s greenhouse gas emissions by up to 15 percent compared to a traditional rig.

The company acquired 16 such rigs for a combined $327 million in 2023 in a bid to boost its rig fleet expansion program and as part of its decarbonization efforts. The remaining 14 rigs are expected to join ADNOC Drilling’s operational fleet progressively throughout the year.

The hybrid systems used on the rigs will help improve overall efficiency by allowing the crews to manage steadier loads and react quickly to fluctuating power demands. This, in turn, can significantly extend the operational life of the rig itself, the statement added.

In addition to reducing overall emissions, hybrid rigs typically operate at lower noise levels, which helps to minimize their impact on the surrounding environments.

Commenting on this achievement, Abdulrahman Abdullah Al-Seiari, chief executive officer of ADNOC Drilling, said: “The addition of hybrid rigs into our fleet marks the latest endeavor undertaken by ADNOC Drilling in alignment with our ambitious target to reduce greenhouse gas intensity by 25 percent by 2030, as well as supporting ADNOC’s Net Zero by 2045 target. But it isn’t the only initiative that we have committed to within the last year.

“Across our fleet, we have begun to incorporate battery energy storage systems, digital solutions aimed at optimizing energy distribution, and electrifying supporting operations, which combined have helped manage fuel usage and rig emissions. At the same time, we are working to introduce solar energy solutions across our camps to help further reduce our overall carbon footprint.”

ADNOC Drilling also contributed to carbon capture and storage initiatives in recent years. In 2023, the company, on behalf of ADNOC, delivered the world’s first fully sequestered carbon dioxide injection well in a carbonate saline aquifer.

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