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Royal Roads Minerals Targets Million Tonnes Copper in Morocco, Expands Saudi Exploration

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  • Learn about Royal Roads Minerals CEO Dr. Tim Coughlin's exploration projects in Morocco and Saudi Arabia, targeting potential copper discoveries and strategic initiatives to revitalize mining legacies.

Highlighting a strategic pivot towards resource-rich terrains, Royal Roads Minerals CEO Dr. Tim Coughlin recently shared insights into the company’s ambitious exploration projects in Morocco and Saudi Arabia with Steve Darling from Proactive. The focal point of these endeavors, the Elewana project in Morocco, is on the brink of the drilling phase, aiming to uncover a potential million tonnes of contained copper. This initiative not only rejuvenates historical mining sites from the early 1800s but also sets a precedence for the company’s exploration activities in 2024, with Saudi Arabia’s untapped resources also under reconnaissance.

Reviving Morocco’s Mining Legacy

Pre-drill activities at the Elewana project, including surface geochemistry, geophysics, and mapping, are underway, with the aim of pinpointing prime drilling sites. Dr. Coughlin’s team is revisiting areas that saw mining activities in the 1800s, focusing on flat dipping mineralization areas that hold the promise of reviving Morocco’s mining legacy. The strategic move towards Morocco’s mining sector is not just about exploration but also involves exploring potential deals within Morocco’s existing mining property market.

Untapped Potential in Saudi Arabia

In parallel, Royal Roads Minerals is not overlooking the prospect-rich terrains of Saudi Arabia. With exploration in its nascent stages, the company’s reconnaissance program in the country is an ambitious endeavor to map out its resource potential. Saudi Arabia’s Nabitah Tathlith belt, recognized for its copper-bearing gossans and vein-hosted gold potential, represents a significant exploration frontier. The company’s initiatives here complement its primary focus in Morocco, marking a dual-pronged strategy aimed at diversifying its exploration portfolio.

Strategic Exploration Roadmap for 2024

Looking ahead, Royal Roads Minerals has laid out a comprehensive exploration roadmap for 2024, with Morocco taking center stage. The company’s focused approach towards the Elewana project, coupled with its ongoing reconnaissance in Saudi Arabia, exemplifies a balanced exploration strategy. This not only illustrates the company’s commitment to unlocking the geological potential of these regions but also positions it strategically within the global mining sector.

The endeavor by Royal Roads Minerals to explore and potentially develop mining projects in Morocco and Saudi Arabia is a testament to the dynamic nature of the global mining industry. By focusing on areas with historical mining significance and untapped potential, the company is not just aiming for mineral discovery but is also contributing to the revitalization of local economies. As these projects progress, the implications for the global copper market and the mining sector at large could be substantial, underscoring the importance of strategic exploration and development in today’s resource-driven world.


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